Mohamad al-Halabi is the imam of the American Islamic Center of Florida (AICF), a Shiite mosque located in Boca Raton, Florida. While he, his wife and his children live in the U.S., much of his heart and mind is overseas in Syria, where he grew up and where many in his family still reside and where other members of his family have recently died fighting. The imam's mosque just held a service for one of these dead, referring to him as a "martyr." But was he in fact a martyr or was he a common terrorist, and was the imam himself involved in terror?

A flyer is found on the Facebook sites of AICF and al-Halabi announcing a memorial service that took place this past month, at the mosque. It states, "Please join the Sheikh Al-Halabi's Family on Saturday, July 25th to offer Fateha (prayer) for: Martyr Mohamad Ali Haj Mousa, Nephew of Sheikh Al-Halabi's wife. Mohamad Ali was martyred in Al-Foua city, Syria."

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