Ahmed Aboutaleb is the first and only Dutch mayor so far to have a Moroccan background. That is something. To some this means that he should be first and foremost the mayor of the Rotterdam Muslims/Moroccans. That is odd. A mayor represents all the inhabitants of his city. Equally we do not expect him to go to the other extreme and put Muslim/Moroccan Rotterdammers at a disadvantage.

According to Aboutaleb in an article in Trouw, those who call for 'jihad' or leave to join it are traitors. A fine statement, nothing wrong with it on principle. A similar stance on Israeli and Kurdish jihadists would be just as fine. After all, what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

Or is it? The mayor thinks that Muslims in the Netherlands should be grateful because they have been invested in 'intensely and immensely', he told the media. And they should distance themselves from IS as loudly as possible, megaphone in hand.

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