Since the names and information from the Ashley Madison hack were released online, a number of public figures have found themselves embarrassed — perhaps none more so than Christian family values promoter Josh Duggar. However, another public figure who is known for writing, lecturing, and speaking on morality from a religious point of view has also turned up in the list. In this case, it's a speaker on the religion of Islam — and unlike several others who've been exposed, he says he never signed up.

His name is Hamza Andreas Tzortzis, and he's spoken publicly, and through his blog, about his views on sexual morality — specifically, expressing in 2008 that homosexuality should be criminalized.

Many who have followed his teachings say that it's ironic for him to appear on a list of Ashley Madison subscribers seeking an affair, in light of the stances he has expressed on sexual morality and homosexuality — very much the same criticism several Christian speakers have faced upon being found on the hack list.

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