In Southern California the FBI continues its investigation of the December 2 terrorist attack that claimed 14 victims, searching a San Bernardino lake where Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farook may have dumped computer hard drives and other incriminating evidence. As the investigation continues, a prevailing narrative in the establishment media has been anti-Muslim rhetoric, with a new conspiracy theory unfolding.

Salma Mahmoud, 18, told Luis Sahagun of the Los Angeles Times that on the UC Riverside campus a man approached and "spit out" the word "ISIS." Mahmoud reported the incident "as a hate thing" and showed Sahagun images of a dozen severed pig heads captioned, "I'm taking action in my own hands. No Muslims up my street." Mahmoud shook her head and told Sahagun, "The political climate has become so dangerous that we could be attacked."

The Dubai-born student added, "Nothing about what happened is fair. It wasn't fair for the people who got shot. It wasn't fair for the child whose parents were terrorists. It isn't fair for ignorant people to target Muslims." Fatima Dadabhoy, a CAIR attorney in Anaheim, told the Times "the situation is such that even being married and having a child means nothing now — you will still be suspect."

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