Nimco Ali observes Australian feminism and shakes her head. She admits she's only just arrived here but her advice to feminists would be "to be a little bit more brave, a little bit more bold". In the UK, she says, there's more "honesty, more 'get out of my fucking way' ".

Ali, 32, is a Somali-born British activist and survivor of female genital mutilation (FGM), performed on her when she was seven years old.

Ali is fierce, and has led an in-your-face, humorous, relentless campaign against FGM in the UK. She helped make the issue front page news with her "fanny suit" – a vagina costume she wears to rallies – and the "muff march" to protest against the growing incidence of labiaplasty in the UK. After years of silence, she now speaks openly about her own experience of FGM.

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