By the time you read this, director Clint Eastwood's blockbuster about the late warrior Chris Kyle will have become the top-grossing war-themed film of all time in North America. And that box office success has exposed the stark contrast between an American audience starved for patriotic Hollywood fare on the one hand, and a radical left viciously trying to maintain control of their narrative on the other.

I wrote recently for FrontPage Mag about American Sniper and its leftist film critics, who don't dispute the film's artistic merits but are frustrated by this apolitical movie's refusal to condemn both George Bush's war and Chris Kyle's role in it. As the film breaks box office records and shows little sign of slowing down (attendance dropped a mere 27% in the second weekend; it drops off at least twice that for most films), the left is ratcheting up its disgusting attacks, and a Muslim civil rights organization is joining in.

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