Ever since "Trojan Horse" broke, the apologists have been claiming it's all a racist fabrication.

The assistant head of Park View, the school at the centre of the plot, said the story was "plain old Islamophobia." The leader of Birmingham council called the allegations "defamatory," and attacked The Telegraph for revealing many of the key developments. As recently as last week, the head of one Birmingham think-tank demanded a boycott of this newspaper, comparing its reports to the Sun's smearing of the Hillsborough dead.

Those voices have fallen silent now. As Peter Clarke's horrifying report reveals, the real bigotry, bullying and lies were from several of the staff and governors of the Trojan Horse schools. The private messages of Razwan Faraz, deputy head at Nansen and one of the key plot ringleaders, attacking gay people as "satanic animals," make clear that the media's only failing was to understate the depth and virulence of the forces involved.

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