The brightest light in the Norwegian media firmament – and one of the brightest, for that matter, in the European media generally – is the independent news and opinion website document.no, which celebrated its tenth anniversary this year. Founded by journalist Hans Rustad, it's a consistently excellent site, addressing Islam, immigration, and related issues with thoroughgoing intelligence and responsibility. (Indeed, one can only wish that the country's major newspapers were half as serious, and half as well written, as the typical piece on document.no.) Not unimportantly, it's also an elegant site, which features reproductions of great paintings and recordings of classical music – the point presumably being to remind us exactly what we're talking about when we talk about preserving our civilization in the face of barbarism.

The success of document.no has baffled and rankled Norway's mainstream media, which have repeatedly depicted it as radical and Islamophobic. After the July 2011 atrocities in Oslo and Utøya, many prominent leftists took the opportunity to link document.no to the murderer, Anders Behring Breivik, who'd been an avid reader of the site and had posted a number of comments on it before carrying out the actions that would make him world-famous.

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