The first ever bike club for Muslims in the Netherlands is gaining grounds quickly; initiator Iza Ghoula says he has received some 300 new members since he started. "My mailbox is exploding."

Ghoula (34) who hails from Utrecht, started the Muslim Motor Club in the summer. "I had no idea it would go this hard. We thought we would start a fun club with some 30 people, but we're getting people from all over the Netherlands and Europe who want to become members," he said. "My inbox is exploding and people from all over are calling me; I don't know who's giving them my unlisted number."

He continues: "The funny things some of the people who want to sign up don't have a motorbike license or even a motorbike yet, but they want to be part of this. They have a good feeling about us, about being free; that you may be what you want as a Muslim."

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