The latest Muslim rationalization for the 1,400-year-old war between Islam and all that is non-Islamic is the so-called "occupation" of Muslim countries; as well as the military actions (including drone attacks) carried out by Western states in Muslim countries.

Take Asghar Bukhari (a British Pakistani) of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK). He has justified just about every act of Islamic violence and terrorism (including the slaughter of Lee Rigby) in terms of the "occupations" of what he calls "Muslim lands". More precisely, Bukhari has said that "Muslims who fight the occupation of their lands are Mujahadeen and are blessed by Allah".

Most of the time that Muslims (as well as Western Leftists) say this kind of thing they have in mind Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel. That's strange really because most British soldiers withdrew from Iraq in 2009 (the few remaining left in 2011) and the Americans did the same in 2011. And since then, there has been a Shiite-dominated government in Iraq.

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