What happened on Artillery Place in Woolwich on May 22 2013 was unique in British military history. Many British soldiers have died in battle. Many have been killed by terrorists. But only one has been deliberately knocked unconscious by a car and then, in the phrase of the trial judge, "butchered" in the London suburbs in the middle of the Wednesday lunch-hour, as the perpetrators gloried in what they had done.

You would know nothing of that enormity from the scene there now. Two flags, English and British, are tied to the grey railings of a block of flats, hanging limply down, hard to spot from a distance. There is a small wreath. No flowers – the council clears them away. "RIP Lee. You will never be forgotten," someone has written in small letters on a wall.

But Lee Rigby has been forgotten, according to the people campaigning for a permanent memorial in the place where he died – a campaign that has encountered a curious resistance from the local political establishment.

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