The Dutch Public Prosecutor's Office has decided to bring the leader of the PVV Freedom Party, Geert Wilders, before a Dutch court. In a post-election meeting, Wilders had asked those present whether or not they wanted a greater or a smaller Moroccan community within Dutch society, and had then shouted together with them, "Less Moroccans!" Such statements are insulting to the Dutch Moroccan community. Furthermore, such things began to be said to individual Moroccans. Had he wanted to, Wilders could have relayed his intended concept without occurring any risk of prosecution. He could have stated, for instance, "If the Netherlands had let in 100,000 Muslims selectively instead of a million Muslims non-selectively, it would have been a different country today."

That such statements aren't punishable is known because the prosecution has made that clear, allowing various politicians to make them in public. Labor Party leader Diederik Samson said in 2011 that Moroccan youngsters have an "ethnic monopoly on street hindrance." It was considered a remark about behavior and not ethnicity. Similarly, Labor chairman Hans Spekman said, "Moroccans who are good-for-nothings should be humiliated before the eyes of their own people."

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