"Here is the new France, the one which is emerging, the one which is beginning, the one of the future. You the inhabitants, Islamic or not, of the housing projects, you are the future of France, you are the rising generation, the one which will save this country from ruin…"

- President Francois Hollande in a speech to residents of an immigrant ghetto before France's 2012 national election

French President Francois Hollande was probably correct when he told the Muslim inhabitants of one of France's suburban ghettos (known as "banlieues") they were "the future of France." This community's high birthrate and his socialist government's pro-immigration policies will see to that. But if last Saturday's rioting in the center of Paris is anything to go by, that future will be a bleak and scary one of Clockwork Orange-type violence. And, contrary to the Hollande's statement, this "new France" will not save the country from ruin, but rather lead to it.

Last weekend, for the second weekend in a row, the French public watched in exasperation while the city that represents the heart of their country and culture to the world was defiled yet again by several thousand rioters of mostly North African and Middle Eastern origin. Demonstrating, allegedly, against the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip, over several hours and often to shouts of "allahu akbar" the rioters smashed store windows, burned vehicles and subjected the forces of law and order to a hail of bottles and rocks, injuring a dozen police officials.

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