Always comfortable with Hollywood's distortion of history as long as it suits their propagandistic motives, progressives and their Islamic allies are the first to try to discredit films that don't fit their narrative. You can be sure that any film they attack on grounds of supposed "historical inaccuracy" must be uncomfortably close to the truth.

Writing in the New Statesman (and reprinted in the New Republic), Turkish writer Elest Ali asks the burning cinematic question, "Is Dracula Untold an Islamophobic movie?" She's referring to the new Universal picture starring Luke Evans and Dominic Cooper, a fanciful epic about the actual historical source of the outlandish Dracula legend we all know and love: Vlad Tepes III, 15th century Romanian hero and legend who dared resist invasion by the feared Ottoman empire."

Elest Ali recently saw the film in Turkey with a friend who declared, "That film was very anti-Muslim." "What else is new?" she replies – because we all know how openly bigoted Hollywood currently is toward Muslims, am I right? Ali decided to write about her issue with the movie's "historical accuracy, and contemporary significance." Non-spoiler alert: she denounces it as Islamophobic, the kneejerk, go-to accusation leveled at anything and anyone that doesn't shine a flattering light on Islam or Muslims (see Affleck, Ben).

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