With a diverse student population at DePaul, some students want more variety with DePaul's on-campus dining options for students with religious dietary restrictions.

DePaul's UMMA (United Muslims Moving Ahead) is one group looking for some improvement. They feel DePaul's dining service has limited selections for Muslim students who follow the dietary law of Halal consumption. UMMA is currently surveying the demand for a Zabiha Halal dining option. Out of 147 responses so far, 64 percent felt that DePaul should offer this dining service in support of being receptive to diversity, according to Vincentian values.

'Halal' is a term in Islam that specifies food ingredients and items that are permissible to eat by the Islamic dietary law, while 'Zabiha Halal' specifically deals with meat of most animals (i.e. chicken, lamb, cows etc.). Animals are slaughtered and prepared by the religious teachings in the Quran. However, it's not permissible for Muslims to consume the meat of pigs and any food items that contain blood or alcohol.

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