Tennessee Islamists recently complained to their friend, Fox Channel 17 news reporter Sky Arnold, about a pamphlet that was inadvertently included in a pro-Israel booth at a school cultural/heritage fair. Looking to incite the Muslim community, the complainants posted this image of the pamphlet that addressed anti-Israel hate messages in Palestinian school materials.

The pamphlet these young radical extremists are referring to looks like the same information that has been documented and catalogued by the translators at Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) since 1996. A 2013 video from the Palestinian Authority TV of two young girls reciting a poem about Jews as the "most evil among creations, barbaric monkeys," is only one of the many examples that validate the assertions in the pamphlet. There are many more including:

- This young girl's poem recitation on Palestinian Authority TV: "Our enemy Zion is satan with a tail." Or this one: "Christians and Jews are inferior, cowardly and despised."

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