Only two out of 14 mosques distance themselves from the Islamic State. One of the mosques denouncing the Islamic State only does so because the mosque thinks that the Islamic State makes others dislike Islam. The spokesman for that same mosque recently commented on the Hamas conflict with Israel in this way: "Sometimes one just feels like saying 'Heil Hitler'"… Translated from the best Danish newspaper, Den Korte Avis. (If you appreciate the articles and translations from me, please support my work by donating via 10news.dk.)

TV2 East television station contacted a number of mosques in East Jutland and asked them the simple question whether they would denounce the Islamic State.

A mosque in Horsens took clear and unambiguous distance from IS and called it a terrorist organization. Two mosques in Randers and Silkeborg did not respond. In Aarhus, only one in six mosques say that they distance themselves from the Islamic State.

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