Britain has generally been welcoming to those who come to this country to share in the benefits of our tolerant, democratic way of life and to make a useful contribution to society. The Islamic community has, for half a century, typified that mutual accommodation. Only recently has it become embarrassed by a tiny minority of radical extremists who are an even more immediate problem for their fellow Muslims than for the wider community.

Promoting sharia is part of the radicals' anti-integration agenda. Now, as we report today, the Law Society is issuing new guidance for solicitors in drawing up "sharia compliant" wills that conform to Islamic law. This is a worrying development because sharia disadvantages women, children involved in custody battles, illegitimate or adopted heirs, and a significant number of men who, for one reason or another, fall foul of its precepts. More Muslim citizens stand to lose crucial rights under a sharia-influenced system than to benefit, and it is certainly not "anti-Muslim" for our legal system to defend their interests just as it protects everyone else's.

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