It's tiring work being a Muslim in the UK today. If we aren't being asked to defend the actions of extremists, we are distancing ourselves from the "Asian gangs" who are preying on vulnerable white girls to sexually exploit. The report on the extent of sexual abuse in Rotherham, and the failure of the authorities to protect the young girls they were responsible for is yet another story that has been blamed on failures of "multiculturalism" in the UK. Sensationalist news stories cry out that Asian men target young white girls due to unresolvable "cultural issues" or "unhappy marriages", or simply because of a lack of respect for white, British girls.

The truth is that Muslims have also been silent victims of sexual abuse. Alexis Jay's report last week raised a number of concerning points regarding the sexual abuse victims of Pakistani heritage, stating that: "The Board should address as a priority the under-reporting of exploitation and abuse in minority ethnic communities." She went on to conclude that "one of these myths was that only white girls are victims of sexual exploitation by Asian or Muslim males, as if these men only abuse outside of their own community, driven by hatred and contempt for white females. This belief flies in the face of evidence that shows that those who violate children are most likely to target those who are closest to them and most easily accessible."

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