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At Al-Fursan butcher shop on Riyadh's busy Dhabbab Street, Chris sliced luscious steaks off a fresh cut of Australian Angus sirloin, promising with sure confidence that what he was about to bag was "as halal as it gets."

One week, and a 15 hour flight later, Lachie Hart, CEO of Kerwee Feedlot in Queensland, Australia, took a group of MENA-based journalists on a tour of their facilities. There, the cattle are cared for in large pastures, each tagged to read information on the cattle's breed, diet, age, and so on.

The cattle are given ample amounts of shade via a system developed in Kerwee to work with the natural wind in the region, keeping the cattle relaxed. Their diets are separated according to their breed, from grass-fed Angus, to grain-fed Angus and grain-fed Wagyu.

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