Things are not going well in the world of vigilantism. A story from the Guardian tells us:

The court had been told that Horner and the 23-year-old man drove alongside Joshua Bilton and Anna Reddiford in Bethnal Green and yelled at them through a megaphone. Horner shouted: "Let go of each other's hands. This is a Muslim area!" The couple initially believed it was a joke but the group repeated the warning until they let go of each other's hands. When they started holding hands again a few minutes later the car re-appeared and blocked their path until they let go.

England remains a country where it is perfectly legal and acceptable to hold hands with whoever you like in public, and thank goodness for that. Muslim vigilantes who try to stop couples holding hands in public are simply foolish, and it is not suprising that the couple they shouted at through the megaphone thought they were joking. Indeed, the british sense of humour being what it is, the behaviour of the vigilantes in this case is positively Pythonesque.

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