As the U.S. struggles with a troubled economy, burdened with a nearly $16 trillion debt, the State Department's Special Coordinator for the Office of Middle East Transitions, William Taylor, explained on May 3 how the U.S. is spending money to help Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. Taylor's past statements and indications give every reason to believe that money will fall into the wallets of the Islamists and further their ambitions.

Taylor said that the U.S. has already given a $100 million cash transfer to Tunisia and will provide a loan guarantee of $300 million over the summer to help the Islamist-led government balance its budget—something the U.S. isn't even doing for itself. The U.S. will also establish an enterprise fund that will give money to the private sector.

The Tunisian government is led by the Islamist Nahda Party. Take a look at the party's founder, Rachid Ghannouchi and what has happened since it won the parliamentary elections and you'll see why this use of taxpayer money is so outrageous. The U.S. has made no effort to differentiate between Islamist and secularist in the Arab Spring for fear of being seen as "meddling."

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