At last week's Tucson Unified School District Governing Board meeting, District administrators asked the Board to once again accept grant money from the Qatar Foundation International (QFI). The money, from the group closely associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, is intended to implement "innovative curricula and teaching materials to be used in any Arabic language classroom."

The Qatar Foundation International, which awards the Curriculum Grants, is an Arabic/Islamist group that seeks to promote Sharia culture and has undeniable ties to two terrorist organizations whose mission is to destroy America, Western ideology and anyone who does not agree with their extremisms," Pat Sexton, president of Arizona Latino Republican Association, said after last year's award acceptance.

QFI is a nonprofit group financed by the government of Qatar. The Washington D.C. based organization is the U.S. branch of the Qatar Foundation, which was founded in 1995 by Qatar's ruling emir, Sheikha Hind bint Hamad Al Thani, according to various news reports. Thani is also the founder of Al Jazeera.

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