Per Fugelli is a physician, originally from Stavanger in western Norway, who has for years been a Professor of Social Medicine at the University of Oslo. He also enjoys a high media profile. Fritt Ord, Norway's most important and well-funded free speech organization, decided to give the Freedom of Expression Prize for 2013, their highest distinction, to Fugelli "for having given a voice to cancer patients." He has been open about his struggle against this horrible disease and made a positive contribution in that regard, but in many other cases he's been more preoccupied with harassing, threatening or bullying others who dare to use their freedom of speech.

Another person who has previously won the same award is William Nygaard, the Norwegian publisher of Salman Rushdie's novel The Satanic Verses, who on the morning of 11 October 1993 was shot three times and nearly killed outside of his own home in Oslo. The percentage of Muslims in Norway at that point probably did not much exceed 1%. It was even less in Japan, where the translator of the same novel was murdered. Merely one percent or less of Islamic culture can thus be enough to get people killed for criticizing Islam. This should serve as a reminder of just how toxic Islam truly can be to any free society.

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