It is a widely acknowledged fact that what goes by the name of reporting nowadays, in the mainstream media, is often shamelessly slanted – and that the slant is almost invariably leftward. But it is also true that some reporters are a good deal more shameless – to the point of being incontrovertibly mendacious – than others. Thanks to the proliferation of alternate news sources on the Internet, the MSM's power to bamboozle the general public with outright lies has eroded year by year. Yet, God bless 'em, they keep trying.

Case in point: an article in Time Magazine, datelined Oslo, posted on August 19, and written by one Charlotte McDonald-Gibson (hereafter CMG). Entitled "Norway's Far Right May Come to Power Despite Memory of Anders Breivik's Killing Spree," it provides a classic example of what it means to twist the facts beyond recognition in the name of ideology.

The headline alone does a splendid job of telegraphing – to anyone who actually knows something about subject at hand – the article's breathtaking bias. The reference is to the forthcoming Norwegian parliamentary elections on September 9, which, barring a major upset, are expected to lead to the formation of a government by a coalition of non-socialist parties. The dread prospect to which CMG refers, in short, is that Norway, currently run by socialists, may soon – horrors! – be run by non-socialists. This new coalition would probably include the Progress Party. It's this party, which at present is the second largest in parliament, that CMG dishonestly categorizes as "far right" and links to Anders Behring Breivik, the maniac who murdered 77 people two years ago.

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