Frontpage Interview's guest today is D.C. Watson, author of the new book, "Through These Blues. A View From Inside the Political Jihad Arena."

FP: D.C. Watson, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

Watson: Thanks very much.

FP: let's begin with you telling us what the book is about and its main argument.

Watson: For a long time, I've paid close attention to who has been saying and doing what.  Why so many of our politicians and journalists are as cowardly as they are when it comes to discussing the tenets of Islam is anyone's guess.  I guess it's just easier for them to attack the identifiers of a problem than it is to confront the actual problem.  Nonetheless, if they are scared, or for some reason support this doctrine, they have been derelict in their duties to protect and inform this nation, and should be strongly "encouraged" to take a different career path.

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