The subject of religiously-slaughtered meat has filled newspaper headlines this summer, as politicians return to the debate about how far Danes should go to accommodate imported religious norms.

The focus of the media attention is meat that is slaughtered according to Islamic halal principles and that concern that Danes are either eating it without knowing it or are forced to eat it at public institutions.

In a series of articles, the tabloid Ekstra Bladet reported that almost all Danish chickens are halal (despite the same story making the rounds over two years ago), that Hvidovre Hospital has only served halal meat for the past decade and that several daycares in Greater Copenhagen have opted to stop serving pork and only serve halal meat. Ekstra Bladet's reporting even resulted in two employees of a meat retailer being assaulted for selling meat with traces of pork, a non-halal meat, to kebab shops.

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