The Hollywood Bureau of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) had its 22nd Annual Media Awards Gala last Saturday at the Hilton in Long Beach, California, bringing together "American Muslims, TV and film studio executives, public officials, interfaith leaders, and media professionals to celebrate our honorees' achievements in using the arts to foster positive social change." "Positive social change" in this context is Muslim Brotherhood-speak for "the fundamental transformation of American culture."

MPAC's busy Hollywood Bureau, established shortly after 9/11 and sharing the Brotherhood's subversive ideology, claims to serve as a professional resource to the entertainment industry by providing accurate information on Islam and Muslims. It has consulted with the producers of such TV shows as 24, Bones, Lie to Me, 7th Heaven, The Good Wife, and Homeland. It offers script consultation (read: approval) for filmmakers who want to get Islam "right," and helps Hollywood professionals connect with Muslim filmmakers, writers and actors.

For the past 21 years, MPAC has honored "Voices of Courage and Conscience" who use art and media "to create accurate portrayals and enriching dialogue around important social, cultural and political issues." A few of the "accurate and enriching" artists and their works that MPAC has honored with awards in the past are filmmakers Michael Moore (for Bowling for Columbine) and Spike Lee (for Malcolm X), producer Lawrence Bender (for An Inconvenient Truth), George Clooney's production company (for the morally inverted Syriana), and actor Alec Baldwin ("for his courageous commitment to social justice and civil liberties, and for standing up against violations of Muslims' civil liberties in national media interviews and at the 2004Democratic National Convention").

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