Another week, another jaw-dropping development in Sweden. A couple of weeks ago it was the cockamamie "hijab solidarity" campaign, in which non-Muslim women all over the country donned head coverings in tribute to a Muslim woman who claimed a man had yanked hers off. This week, the eyebrow-raising news is that Sweden is offering instant permanent residency to any and all Syrian refugees who apply. These newly minted residents, moreover, will be entitled to bring over their spouses and kids. The reasoning behind this new policy is that the situation in Syria is extremely dangerous right now and not likely to improve anytime soon.

To be sure, even before this announcement Sweden's asylum policy was extremely openhanded. Sweden has taken in about 15,000 Syrian refugees since 2012, more than any other EU member state. About half of the Syrians who have sought asylum in Sweden so far this year have been granted permanent residency; the other half have been allowed to stay for three years, but will now be able to trade up to permanent status. All told, just under 8000 Syrians are now temporary Swedish residents and will be eligible to stay in Sweden for good.

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