No matter how much jaw-dropping news of dhimmitude one may read from day to day, originating in virtually every corner of the Western world and bringing shameful and outrageous tidings of virtually every imaginable type of capitulation to Islam, it seems that one always ends up exclaiming: "Those crazy Swedes!"

Here's the latest bit of folly from the land of tasty little meatballs, cheap but excellent Ikea bookshelves, and highly efficient wartime Nazi collaboration. Last month a committee of Sweden's Center Party – which was founded exactly one hundred years ago to represent the interests of farmers and of decentralized government, and which is currently one of the four parties that make up the country's "center-right" (pause for laughter) governing coalition – issued a report apparently meant to be viewed as bold and visionary.

This is, I might note, a party whose avowed ideology is a baffling mishmash of pragmatism, utopianism, individuality, and something the party itself calls "ecohumanism," which it defines as a "green social-liberal ideology." It professes – remarkably enough for Sweden – that "Sweden should be a functioning market economy, free from any hint of a planned economy" and that "only a policy that embraces entrepreneurship can make it possible for people to realize their dreams. The individual's initiative, enterprise and responsibility are the foundation of economic progress."

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