Sweden is self-destructing, and more and more people are writing about it – but, with very few exceptions, still not in the mainstream Swedish media, where denial continues to reign supreme. Indeed, even as concerned observers abroad (especially in neighboring Denmark and Norway, where the elites still look to their larger neighbor as a multicultural role model while many, if not most, ordinary householders view it as a cautionary example) are sounding the alarm about the fallout of Swedish immigration policies, Sweden's own mainstream media – and the rest of its cultural establishment – are laboring overtime to silence the truth-tellers and keep the rabble from openly questioning the wisdom of their betters.

Case in point: recently, in an attempt to win back the nearly 30 percent of male union members between ages 18 and 49 who support the heterodox Sweden Democrat Party, LO, the country's powerful confederation of trade unions (think of the AFL-CIO at the height of its powers and multiply by two or three), spent a big chunk of cash to demonize the Sweden Democrats, painting them as a pack of fascists. (Never mind that LO's own oppressive, ideologically lockstep alliance with the political establishment is right out of the Mussolini playbook.) One rare recent exception to the Swedish media's see-no-evil approach to immigration and its consequences was a fascinating map, published last month in the newspaper Sydsvenskan, showing the relative levels of danger in the various neighborhoods of Malmö, the city that is regarded by many cogent observers as the ninth circle of the Scandinavian inferno.

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