Barack Obama's Internal Revenue Service is targeting certain Jewish advocacy groups which disagree with Obama's anti-Israel positions on the so-called "disputed territories." In a document entitled "Be On the Lookout" (or BOLO for short), which the IRS disclosed publicly on June 24th,  the tax enforcement agency instructed its agents reviewing applications for tax-exempt status  to be on the lookout for applications from organizations that "deal with disputed territories in the Middle East" and "may be inflammatory."

A pattern has emerged with respect to the IRS's special focus on groups that were outspoken in opposing President Obama's demands that Israel freeze its construction of settlements over the pre-June 1967 boundary line between Israel and the West Bank and West and East Jerusalem, known as the "Green Line."

One of the targeted groups, Z Street, filed a lawsuit against the IRS in August 2010, alleging that the IRS subjected the pro-Zionist group to additional scrutiny in a discriminatory fashion because of its strong pro-Israel ideological views.

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