Interfaith groups and concerned residents are telling state lawmakers not to override the governor's veto of a bill they feel is rooted in bigotry. The bill, which outlaws Sharia Law in Missouri, passed overwhelmingly in the legislature.

"I am glad Governor Nixon vetoed this bill," said Beth Damsgaard-Rodriguez of Glendale. "For me, his action was a no-brainer, but I do think he should be commended for declaring that the bill addresses a non-issue. We have so many real issues in the state, but our legislators come out with this for us?"

Damsgaard-Rodriguez, who has led interfaith dialogues at area churches and is a consultant for youth tolerance programs, said the anti-Sharia Law measure is basic fear-mongering. She said she is not a scholar on Sharia, but she said every religion has rules from the past that are outdated and subject to ridicule.

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