Central to Nathan Lean's claim that our American Freedom Defense Initiative ads spread "hate" is his charge that the ads "suggest collective guilt on the part of the world's 1.6 billion Muslims for acts of terrorism." Yet nowhere do our ads suggest any such thing. Instead, they highlight real hatred and incitement to violence from influential Muslim leaders and spokesmen. Muslims and non-Muslims who abhor and oppose that hatred and incitement should be standing with us, not condemning us.

To try to prevent that from happening, Lean engages in numerous attacks on our character and our activities, with scant regard for the facts. He says that AFDI is "classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center," without bothering to note what many have pointed out: that the group irresponsibly, and to stimulate donations, labels as "hate groups" many who simply disagree with its political stance. He claims that we "desire to ignite a culture war along faith lines," when it is obvious after more than 20,000 jihad terror attacks worldwide since 9/11 that one is already being waged by Islamic jihadists, without any help from us.

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