A Norway-based Swedish survivor of the Utøya terror attack on Monday said Norway had learned little from the massacre of 77 people, claiming that the "undergrowth of hateful rhetoric" had recovered from the right-wing extremist attacks that shocked Norway and the world.

While Norway has put the terrorist Anders Behring Breivik behind bars, think tank researcher Ali Esbati noted in an op-ed in the Swedish leftleaning tabloid Aftonbladet that one of Breivik's main inspirations, the Norwegian blogger Peder Nøstvold Jensen, who uses the online soubriquet Fjordman, recently received a 75,000 kroner ($12,600) scholarship to write a book.

While the ensuing debate about Jensen soon becoming an author had centred on freedom of speech, Esbait argued that several commentators seemed not to understand the ramifications of legitimizing his far-right views.

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