As the media focus turns to how Tamerlan and Dzokhar Tsarnaev were radicalized in America, one group says it has identified two stations illegally broadcasting Hezbollah and Hamas television channels in the United States and potentially radicalizing other would-be terrorists within America's borders.

The Lawfare Project has found that two television stations—NileSat IPTV in New Jersey and ArabTV4ALL in California—are broadcasting transmissions from pro-Hamas (al-Aqsa) and pro-Hezbollah (al-Manar) television stations. According to a memo prepared by the Lawfare Project and shown to the Blaze, both al-Aqsa and al-Manar target children in their broadcasts and encourage them to become suicide bombers.

Al-Aqsa uses popular cartoon figures to indoctrinate children and incite them toward hatred and violence. In one example, al-Aqsa featured a Bugs Bunny-like character proclaiming that he "will finish off the Jews and eat them." In another episode of "Pioneers of Tomorrow," a young Muslim girl and her friend Farfour, an anti-Semitic Mickey Mouse look-alike, take calls from other Muslim children. One caller proclaims that to liberate Jerusalem, "I will shoot . . . We will annihilate the Jews." In a June 2007 episode, Farfour was "martyred" by Israeli interrogators. Faced with near-universal outcry, including from the Disney Company, the show's producers killed off Farfour and replaced him with another mascot to tout the virtues of jihad, telling their children viewers that Israel had killed the popular rodent.

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