Implying the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization or that al Qaeda had links to the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center were enough to have documents purged from FBI training manuals, according to newly released agency documents.

Other training materials that were scrubbed from the counter-terror curriculum were deemed to be inaccurate, inappropriate stereotypes of Muslims or unsuitable "in the current political context," according to the hundreds of pages of memos and other documents posted by the non-partisan government watchdog group Judicial Watch.

The FBI began overhauling its training materials in 2011 after media reports that some presentations were deemed offensive or inaccurate. Under pressure from a variety of Islamic-American groups, FBI Director Robert Mueller ordered the complete review of training materials, which resulted in 876 documents being removed or revised. In all, the agency reviewed 163,446 pages in almost 5,000 different presentations that were being used to train agents.

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