The big question these days in Washington DC among political leaders in certain Republican circles is 'are Muslims infiltrating the US government?' US Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, a member of the US House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, is so convinced that the Muslim Brotherhood is placing its members in key spots in the American government that she called for an investigation on June 13, 2012. Her concern is based on the way that the Obama administration has focused so much attention on the Middle East and why the administration is empowering the Muslim Brotherhood and its front groups. It is no secret that Muslims serve in the White House and other governmental offices.

The mission of Islam is "to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet" according to Andrew McCarthy's book, "The Grand Jihad." This is to be accomplished by infiltration, education, appointments and elections. They plan to supplant the American Constitutional Democracy by Islamic Law. Their plan is sabotage, to gradually eat away from within, abrading both the system and the will to preserve it.

Although America is the great melting pot of people from all around the world, there is a vast difference between people who come to America seeking the American way of life versus those who want to infiltrate in order to change the American way of life and this is exactly what the Muslim Brotherhood has been doing since the 60's or even earlier.

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