The McDonald's non-halal meat lawsuit has gone through twists and turns in the last couple of months. But the controversial case may finally be coming to a close as the public notice period, initially extended for class members in March, has come to a close with little to no objection, according to law firm Jaafar & Mahdi Law Group, P.C., who represented the class plaintiffs in the case.

Misinformation regarding the case caused Judge Macdonald of the Wayne County Circuit Court to extend the public notice period for the settlement. Dearborn Attorney Majed Moughni, who had publicly disapproved of the settlement, rallied Facebook users on the Dearborn Area Community Members Page, urging them to sign forms if they wanted to intervene into the settlement when the deadline was originally set in February.

But Judge Macdonald took issue with Moughni's actions and placed him under a gag order at a later hearing, believing he had been spreading false information. After much controversy regarding his First Amendment rights, the Judge agreed to remove Moughni's gag order, as well as make changes to the public notice and extend the period for public objections to April 8. Now, Mahdi Law Group P.C. is looking forward to the next step.

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