Just one month after the McDonald's Corporation and the Finley Management Company settled a non-halal class action lawsuit for $700,000, the owners of the Dearborn McDonald's, located at 13158 Ford Road, have decided to no longer include halal items on their menu.

The Ford Road McDonald's isn't the only location to pull halal items from its menu. The McDonald's, located at 14860 Michigan Avenue in Dearborn, has also stopped serving halal items, even though that location was not listed as a defendant in the lawsuit that was filed by the Dearborn law firm, Jaafar & Mahdi Law Group, P.C.

Both locations had served halal McChicken® and halal McNuggets® to their Muslim customers since 2005.  Over the years, some confusion has existed over what items were halal, and whether, or not customers had to request the halal meat. In addition, multiple reports have surfaced of several employees, at both locations, who didn't seem properly trained in the handling of halal meat.

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