Andy Slaughter, the Labour MP for Hammersmith, has been in touch to complain about my blog post entitled "Labour's shadow justice minister to share platform with Muslim hate preachers". In it, I said:

Labour's shadow minister for justice is due to share a platform with Muslim hate preachers later this month. Andrew Slaughter, the MP for Hammersmith, is speaking at the Global Peace and Unity Conference at the ExCel, alongside Sheikh Said Rageah. Rageah, who you can read about here, is on record as saying Muslims shouldn't be friends with the "kuffar", Muslim women should be imprisoned in their homes and and any Muslim with the temerity to leave the faith should be killed.

Another of the speakers at the conference is Sheikh Muhammad Al Shareef, a graduate of the Islamic University of Medina in Saudi Arabia – an institution that has produced hate preacher after hate preacher. His opinions about the Jews are unpalatable, to put it mildly. Not only do they control the media, according to Al Shareef, but they kill prophets and should be shunned.

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