The Middle East oil fields are paying quite well this summer in America – and the beneficiaries are American liberal journalists.  The launch of Al-Jazeera America can very well forever change American media. Spending time each summer in Europe, I watch Al-Jazeera and even as a political conservative, find it to be excellent TV.  It is well-produced, professional TV which has flourished in the ratings in the 130 countries in which it is available.  Not unlike other TV stations, they have a political bent and it's to be expected.

Yesterday, The New York Times reported that Al-Jazeera America is rapidly growing and poised for success in the United States.  As former CNN anchor Ali Velshi put it, "This is the first big journalism hiring binge that anyone's been on for a long time." What better time could there be for a station which is owned by Qatar, one of the richest countries in the world, to enter the American market – which they have long tried to enter. American journalists are overwhelmingly liberal — and the Arab nations are now able to pay reporters while few others can and will.  Scary times indeed.

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