Last year's annual event for Emerge-USA was a disaster, losing keynote speaker Debbie Wasserman Schultz last minute over criticism leveled against her for helping to raise money for an organization whose leadership actively supports terror-related groups and individuals targeting the U.S. and Israel. Now, Emerge is taking no chances and will be holding a banquet featuring a Congressman (and fellow traveler) who is not as shy about his Islamist support, Keith Ellison.

On Saturday, April 20, Emerge will be sponsoring a "benefit dinner" with United States Representative Keith Ellison as the featured speaker. A colorful flyer advertising the event – complete with a big picture of Ellison – is currently found on the homepage of Emerge's official website. As stated on the flyer, the contact for the event is Rasha Mubarak, who has held the position of Central Florida Regional Field Coordinator for Emerge since October 2011.

Mubarak is a fervent Palestinian activist. In January 2009, she organized a march in Orlando to condemn Israel for waging a war against Hamas in Gaza. During the march, there were repeated chants of "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free." This chant is a Hamas slogan, whose meaning is the destruction of the entire state of Israel. At another anti-Israel demonstration Mubarak organized this past November, she herself questioned Israel's current right to exist. She stated, "Israel has a right to exist, but not as they presently do…"

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