A few weeks ago, in an extraordinary act of dhimmitude, Manitoba became the first Canadian province to proclaim October as Islamic History Month, a month designed to recognize the province's "flourishing Muslim community." Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Christine Melnick gushed that "In Manitoba we value and cherish our ethnic diversity, to which the Muslim community contributes so richly."

Also present at the announcement was Shahina Siddiqui, the chairwoman of Islamic History Month Canada (IHMC), founded in 2007 by the notorious Canadian Islamic Congress, whose former President Mohamed Elmasry once refused to retract on public television his statement that all Israelis over age 18 were legitimate targets for terrorist attacks, and who wasted hundreds of thousands of public dollars pursuing a human rights complaint against Maclean's magazine for publishing articles critical of Islam. None of that aggressive Islamic supremacism was evident in the feel-good tropes trotted out by Siddiqui, who stated in the news release that she and her community "are pleased to celebrate, inform, educate, and share with fellow Canadians the Muslim cultural heritage" in order to build "a more inclusive, compassionate, and multicultural Canada."

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