Imran Shah, a spokesperson for the Islamic faith group Det Islamiske Trosamfund (DIT), has written an opinion piece in Politiken newspaper claiming that Venstre's immigration spokesperson Inger Støjberg's remarks last week were a "sad and childish" attempt to revive the national immigration debate.

Last week, Støjberg wrote in Politiken that certain elements of the Islamic community did not respect Denmark's values and should assimilate or simply leave, as no one was "forcing them to stay". She also criticised DIT for not condemning stoning or arranged marriages and for failing to support the rights of homosexuals. She further claimed that her meeting with DIT in February of this year had left her feeling like she had just met with "wolves in sheep's clothing".

Shah claims that Støjberg's piece was littered with prejudices and that she had cherry-picked quotes out of context to further her cause.

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