The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation has acknowledged a ban on wearing hijabs at schools legitimate. The judicial collegium has rejected the complaint of three residents of the Stavropol Region, who made an attempt to revoke the decision of the regional government on the inadmissibility of wearing a Muslim headscarf at school.

Such bans are in force in other parts of the country, including Bashkortostan, Adygeia, and Dagestan. However, there are exceptions too. For example, wearing hijabs is not banned. Beginning from the new school year, the schoolchildren in the Russian regions will have to wear school uniforms. Each region will decide how it will look like.

Producers have already started fighting for contracts. The price of one school uniform set will range from 1,500 to 2,500 roubles. It is a profitable business. However, this issue has already given rise to numerous debates. The Russian Supreme Court is well aware of that. A number of residents in the Stavropol Region voiced their discontent over the ban of the regional authorities on wearing hijabs at school. As a result, a lawsuit was brought to the court with a demand to revoke the decision to introduce school uniforms in the Stavropol Region. The collegium for administrative affairs of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation rejected this lawsuit. However, lawyer Murad Musayev who represents the interests of the local residents said that they are going to complain against this decision.

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