Pamela Geller struck back at the Toronto Board of Rabbis (TBR) for a critical statement it issued just hours before her appearance Monday night at the Zionist Centre.

In a press release, the TBR said it considered Geller's views "distasteful" and expressed "profound disappointment that a local Jewish organization" [the Jewish Defense League of Canada] had invited her to speak here. It described Geller as "a blogger who is known for her extreme criticism of Muslims in language that is intended to shock and ridicule."

Geller was unaware of the TBR statement until the Jewish Tribune brought it to her attention. The TBR said it is "a strong supporter of freedom of speech for all, including Ms. Geller. Ms. Geller's voice and message are already well known here in Canada and beyond. There was no sense in inviting her here to speak before a Jewish audience."

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