Arabs have now joined the protest business, imitating the American Indian mascot issue and the language of victimhood. The Arab-American Discrimination Committee has protested California's Coachella Valley High School mascot of the traditional Arab image.  That would include images of the belly dancer, the magic carpet, the saber wielding cutthroat warrior, etc. This image, of course, was chosen by the school (80 years ago) rather than the modern image of the lying, murderous mayhem Muslim, the cruel, self-idolizing Islamic Arab so detrimental to all free nations, so intend on humiliating, denigrating, even enslaving all other people and all other religion.

But "ethnic stereotyping" was the accusation levied by the ADC in their November 1, 2013 letter to Dr. Darryl S. Adams, Superintendent of the Coachella Valley Unified School District.  They even protest the beautiful kaffiya, the headdress worn by virtually every Arab in Saudi today.

They don't want the Arab to be a mascot, like liberal Indians don't want Indians being used as mascots.  This is the white liberal racial agitation training, and Arabs have picked up on it entirely, always looking to abuse American political jargon to advance their own Islamic colonization in free societies, with the intent to deny all basic freedom.

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