It's a testament to the American spirit that the Boston bombings didn't send people into fits of hysteria every time they saw a Muslim walking down the street. A couple of ding-dongs get it into their heads that marathon runners, university students and 8-year-old boys are responsible for their messed up loser lives so they set off bombs with a cover story that the United States has somehow hurt the Ummah.

Yet there was nary a beep from Bostonians about the whys and what-fors. They understand that murderous idiots unleashed their insecurities on the community and they expect justice to prevail in the end.

There are the inevitable hijab-haters and mouth-breathers that mistake Sikhs for Muslims and vent their own insecurities. But, really, can anybody really say there has been fallout that has affected the American Muslim community. I haven't seen it. I just wish the Council on American-Islamic Relations and every Western media-friendly imam would stop going on television and condemning terrorist attacks. Why is it that we are the only religious/ethnic group that must articulate our revulsion for terrorism for the cameras when there is zero evidence that the Muslim community as a whole had anything to do with these incidents.

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