In October 2012, Pamela Geller — a blogger and the executive director of the American Freedom Defense Initiative — told TheBlaze in an exclusive interview about plans to expand her controversial DC-based ad campaign that features an image of Osama bin Laden. The ad is meant to shed light on the fact that jihad is a tenet of Islam, but some critics argue that the ad marginalizes all Muslims. Geller and others who support the ad campaign, meanwhile, maintain it is directed at fighting jihad and radical Islamism.

Geller was embroiled in a long battle with New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) over her ads as well, but a judge ruled in her favor. After additional push-back from MTA, the outspoken activist's ads were permitted so long as they carried a disclaimer stating that the MTA itself did not endorse the message. Geller won a similar case with the DC's Washington Metro Transit Authority (WMATA) and now, her string of ads have launched in subway stations across the DC-metro area. The campaign, which will run for one month, is also meant to satirize CAIR's "MyJihad" ad campaign, which seeks to minimize the definition of jihad and portray it as a harmless inner-struggle within one's-self alone.

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